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Fresh Produce

We’re famous for our Fresh Produce, and for good reason! Wherever possible we source our produce locally to ensure the best available product at a great price for our customers. Because we are a family owned company we have low overheads and we don’t answer to shareholders. Instead we have stake holders – our customers, our suppliers and our employees! 

What this means is we can still pay our growers a fair price for a great product and provide our customers with exceptional produce at fantastic prices. This way, everybody wins!

Every Market Day we hand select quality produce that provides excellent value for money for our customers. This means we can not only ensure our produce is always the freshest available, we can also make sure our range suits what our customers are looking for and all at great everyday prices.

We follow a simple ‘farm to shop process’ that means produce makes it from our growers to our store in the shortest possible time frame so we can guarantee the freshness! 

We also cater for large and wholesale orders and if you are ever looking for something particular that we don't usually stock, just see any of our friendly team who will always be happy to help.

Each month we will update the information below so you’ll always know what’s in season, however we recommend you join our E-club to receive a weekly market report with at least 4 great member specials and a recipe! You’ll also receive our month Food E News and lots of other great offers